Message from the president

  Welcome to the official web site of Gifu National College of Technology.
In April, 2004, 55 national colleges of technology out of 63 colleges of technology nationwide were brought together to form the Independent Administrative Institute of National Colleges of Technology Japan. Now 51 national colleges of technology having about 5,300 students are rebuilt nationwide Since Colleges of Technology are abbreviated as "Kosen", our college is the only "Kosen" in Gifu Prefecture. Consequently, Gifu Kosen has been re-established as a member of this newly formed Institution.
A "Kosen" is an institution of higher education, including colleges and universities. It accepts junior high-school graduates, and provides a five-year education in one of the technological concentrations. At a Kosen, students can concentrate on the study area that they major in, as they do not need to prepare for college entrance examinations. After the completion of the program, Kosen graduates may choose to begin a career as an engineer and play an active role in the fields of Industry and Engineering. They can also choose to continue their education at our "Senko-ka (Advanced Courses)" for two more years in pursuit of their bachelor's degree. Furthermore, they can also take examinations for admission as a third-year transfer student to an undergraduate program of the University of their choice.
At Gifu National College of Technology, the aim of "the product design" is at the core of our engineering studies. Through our intensive curriculum, students acquire the advanced technical skills in order to enrich their education. While it is vital for Japan to continue to contribute to the world in the areas of high technology and information technology, international training of those who acquire advanced technical skills will become ever more critical as well. Gifu National College of Technology is the only school in Gifu prefecture to be authorized under the evaluation of JABEE, which conducts authorization in view of the world standard for tertiary level education system.
Our college has five departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Electronic Control Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture. Concerning the specific characteristics of each department, please refer to the guidance section of this homepage. Each department attaches as much importance to computerization as to fundamental knowledge. Computer literacy and practical English, in addition to the special technological concentrations offered during the five-year education term, are the necessary passports to the highly-developed, information-oriented society of the twenty-first century.
Gifu Kosen's wide campus and well-designed buildings and facilities provide the perfect setting for a number of programs, including small-group instruction, a variety of club activities, All-Japan Inter-Collegiate Athletic Competition, Robot Contest and Programming Contest. More importantly, students can devote their time to studying in a very stimulating environment, while enjoying the necessary freedoms along the road to realizing their respective educational and professional dreams. We are sincerely looking forward to seeing motivated individuals who are interested in Gifu Kosen's "the product design" model of education.

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